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Hi Juan,

Yesterday, I received my (Officer's Dress) trousers (chocolate). What tremendous trousers! Authentic pattern, well cut, wonderful quality, color and finishes. Quickly delivered.

Clientele service: 5 stars.

Thanks, Juan.

Hi Juan,

I just thought I would let you know that I have now received my USMC Boondockers all the over here in the UK and have been very impressed with your products and customer service.

...Once again, thank you for and excellent all round service.

best regards
Paul Jameson

Hi Juan,

I've got the boots and the shirts yesterday. The shirts fit well and the boots are very comfortable. Great service. Very good clientele service, high quality products. super.

Thanks, Juan

I can now wholeheartedly recommend WWII Impressions. I have been a fan of *** (owning five pairs of their boots), but I recently broke down and got WWII Imp.’s USMC Boondockers. What a difference! The insole actually has some padding, the leather is thick but supple, and the soles are actually hard rubber that will not wear quickly like the *** ones do. Don’t get me wrong, I like my *** boots, but I will be replacing my roughouts with WWII Imp. boots when they come back in stock. The rest of my *** stuff I don’t wear as much, so no biggie. Anyway, the cost for WWII Imp. is more, but in my opinion it is WELL worth it.

Matthew R. Burchette
On WWII Reenactor forum

Hi Juan,

Boots arrived Friday. Good work. They are very well made and they fit. Thanks! I am grateful that you insisted that the shoe be manufactured correctly.

John D'Arezzo


I got my shoes today. They fit perfectly. Thank you for going to all the trouble to offer American made shoes.

Thank you.

Bob Smith


I got the boots today -- they are really well made and look fantastic. I like them very much. You folks do a really wonderful job and it's a pleasure buying quality products from you. These boots especially are incredible.

...They fit me like a dream. I am overjoyed with this purchase !

Thank you very much for your patience and assistance. I really appreciate it.

many thanks,

Just got my boots, and they are fantastic!
Worth waiting.
Thank you.

Marcelo Silva.

Hi Juan,

Received my Russet service shoes today. Excellent shoes and well worth the wait. Thanks.

Paul Arrowood

Hi Juan,

Received the Drop kit yesterday, its OUTSTANDING. Its solid, and looks 100% accurate and RIGGER MADE. I was Aircrew for 18 of my 20 years Active Duty, and worked with Riggers. This is not a cheap copy, and well worth the price.

Best Regards..

Mr. Gonzalez,

I received the tank tops, campaign hat straps and brass insignia. Thanks very much. It's all super quality and I appreciate that very much.

Thanks again Juan, your products are the best, and I'll certainly be ordering more of them.

Best regards,
Malin Foster


Hi Juan,

Got the shoes today. They're REALLY impressive. Amazing what can happen when real Americans make things right. Thank God.

Malin Foster


The quality of the products I ordered is amazing and your attention to detail is wonderful!

Larry Levene

Mr. Gonzalez,

On Fri. 16-Sept. 11 I place an order with your company. As expected the staff member, Nathan, was professional and courteous. Nathan related that he was relatively new to his job/position with your company. He assisted me with my questions about various products. After hanging up he called me back to verify a sweater order and as a result I will be shipped the correct sweater. This is GREAT as I will not have to send the incorrect item back the re-order what I wanted in the first place. To me this is what I want when I call. I am new to reenacting and like it when I can get the personal service that your company has extended to me when ever I have made an order. My order was close to $500.00, that is a lot for me to spend but I will not hesitate to continue to do business with your company.

Thank you again.
Michael Tirrell

P.S. One of my best friends is also named Juan Gonzalez.

Thanks for the quick service and a fantastic product!

Brett Sellers

Hello Juan,

Finally i put my hands and my feet on your boots, well they fit very well and comfortable, I really like them! Can you please inform me when you’ll restock the Shoes, Service, Reverse Upper, Composition Sole in 7.5D size.

I was surprised when i saw your boots and they fit AMAZING!! i never bought a so comfortable boots like this before, this is why I'll buy the rough boots too for daily use....

You have to be proud about your goods, they are simple AMAZING and first of all they are MADE IN USA!!

You have acquired a new happy customer, and from now on, I'll only buy WWII goods from you.

Many thanks

Mirko Sportelli

To Whom It May Concern,

Our first purchase with WWII Impressions was an M1934 tent which we use for our Traveling Heroes Exhibit. We have had this tent for 5 years and it has held up great providing an authentic setting for our displays. Living history is a vital part of this exhibit, and while we strive to use originals when feasible, reproductions are necessary to fill voids. I know I can rely on WWII Impressions to supply well made copies of uniforms and gear to complement our authentic displays. It is a great service to our visitors when our impressions and displays are spot on. We are certainly doing no one a favor by striving to look just good enough. Thanks to WWII Impressions even the most seasoned veterans need to take a second look and that says a lot. There's an old saying that goes, "you get what you pay for." I can say with 100% confidence we've been satisfied with the products offered by WWII Impressions as well as with the great customer service.

Brian D. Homan
Central Florida WW2 Museum / Executive Office
4212 S. Manhattan Ave.
Tampa, FL 33611-1302
ph: (813) 504-3826

To whom it may concern

...Thank you for your time. You guys have great uniforms. My current M42s (that I got from you) are at least 8 years old and I have definitely got my money worth's out of them (looking really salty now). I look forward to hearing back from you.  I will one of the first to purchase a new set.   I have never had a problem letting people know where to get the best high quality repro uniforms.

So please contact me as soon as you get them restocked.

Thank You

Brian Caldwell


I got everything and as always A++++ stuff! Thank you again.


Brian Domitrovich

Good Morning, Juan:

Many thanks for the fast response! BTW I have been buying from you since the mid-1990s. I met you at a "Bulge" reenactment at Fort Indiantown Gap, PA and you happily, proudly pointed out details of your boots and shirts vs. the originals!

I've worn your stuff as a reenactor and as a serving US Army soldier on active duty in Bosnia in 2002-2003.

With the economy as it is, it's important to honor and support companies like yours that uphold American values like quality and customer service! I've "strayed" and tried to give your competitors a chance every few years, but I come back your company because you prove again and again that you have the best stuff and best service.

I wish you much success as we all tough out the economy. I think patience, dedication, commitment to quality and perseverance pays off, and I still smile thinking of you bragging about your service shoes to me at "The Gap" back in show the same good attitude to your individual customers as you do to the Hollywood big shots, and this clearly pays off!!

Christian M. DeJohn


Hi, Juan!

Of course you can post the comments. Especially about having worn/carried your stuff as a civilian reenactor since 1995- then as a real soldier on active duty in Bosnia, Egypt, Korea, Germany, and all over the USA- and now as a civilian again!

When we met at "the Gap" reenactment flea market in 1995, you showed me a pair of service shoes and a wool shirt, and laid originals next to them and told me how yours were the best reproductions around....your obvious commitment to getting them right, and your pride in doing so, was infectious- it's kept me coming back to your company again and again for 16 years.

Christian M. DeJohn


Good afternoon, Juan:

Wow, I'm on a roll! Just feel that with all the crappy quick buck artists out there, and all the grumpy e-mails and complaints you might get, it's important to give credit where it's well deserved.

I think I know, as somebody who grew up around the garment industry, what really distinguishes you and your products-

Like you, I grew up around the garment industry, so thanks to my Dad, I'm hyper- aware of details like fabric color, texture, thickness, weave, buttons and button hole shape and sizes; zippers, laces, amount of stitching, etc., etc.

You have an "unfair" advantage over your competition- your incredible attention to detail from growing up in the industry. The quick buck artists can never touch that, and while they make a few bucks for a short time unloading made in China junk on the gullible newbies, in colors the War Department never dreamed of, by making thinner fabrics, zippers on the wrong side, etc., in time, the truth catches up with the BS artists, and the customer finds your company.

My Dad, Emil DeJohn, has designed and taught fashion design for almost 50 years. He can judge fabric literally by touch and feel. I will hand him original shirts, etc., from 1942, and then your stuff, and ask him to compare the work.

My Dad will carefully feel the texture, thickness, look at the weave, etc., of your stuff, down to the smallest details like the fabric used in the button holes, how the buttons are attached, 15 years or so of buying your stuff, you've passed my Dad's "touch test," with comments like, "That is really high quality fabric- good job on the stitching/placket/buttonhole/ knit cuffs," etc....

Christian M. DeJohn

Dear Sir:

I just received the item (USN denim pants) you sent. It is a very stunning and gorgeous work. Thank you for your works and service. Surely I will purchase your other works in the future.

Best regards

Hi Juan,

This mail is just to let you know that the parcel finally arrived. Somehow it got stuck in Dutch customs which apparently is a black hole that defies all sense of time.

Anyhow, the suit looks fantastic!! The suit is as you say on your website, the best available in the market and I shall be proud to wear it.

Please let me know when you have the M1943 suit complete so that I can order it with you as well.

Thanks again for the great service.

Kind regards,
Albert van der Tang


... the items in question arrived today in good order. Thank you for the fast service and the good quality of your products, my order was just what I expected. I have shopped around looking for these items and have found that you make the best WW2 gear available, hard to tell them from the originals. Thanks again,

David Learn

Dear Juan,

Just to let you know the HAT,HBT,M41 Daisy Mae, ACU ,size 7 1/2 arrived about a quarter of an hour ago.(1430 hrs)


What an original wrinkle it is to preserve the "Daisy Mae" by bringing it up to date in ACU ! Please tell the person(s) responsible for the idea in the first place-WELL DONE !!!!
My uncle. a WW2 Veteran of the RAAF, got his Daisy Mae when salvaging an American Landing barge that had been sunk by the Japs not far from his base. As my uncle has just recovered from triple heart bypass surgery I shall be visiting him soon. He'll be blown away by the fact that the Daisy Mae is still used albeit in Digicam.

As a Military Historian I am always looking for the perfect item to illustrate a point in one of my talks and I believe in keeping the past alive by using reproductions is the way to go.

I look forward to doing business with you in future and thank you again.

Steve Duke
Magna Carta anniversary


Outstanding, thanks so much! Oh, and I've been meaning to give my feedback on the improvements to your site's field gear pages. I feel the new pages are much easier to navigate. Its quicker to scroll and find the item visually, and it looks a lot neater. Plus I like that each item has its own page, makes it easier to add them to my Amazon wish list for family members around the holidays.

Joe Coppens

Ok Juan,

Placed a reservation on the USMC boots.
Can't wait to get them. My girlfriend actually owns a pair that she uses for
work and they've held up so well I just had to buy a pair. I had previously
bought some from What Price Glory and I was visiting her recently and compared
my boots to hers and it was pathetic. Mine felt like wafer cookies and hers were still
as solid as the day she got them. Yours are real pieces of American footwear.

Thanks for making such great stuff,


...Your quality surpasses everyone's out there and would prefer to purchase things from you. Thanks so much for your time!

Neal Hurst


My HBTs arrived today and they look and fit great! Thanks so much for helping me get set in time for Reading. We have some new members in our group that I'll be sending your way soon.

Thanks again!

Mike Leigh
American Military Medical Impression, Inc.

Thanks and I wanted to mention that over ten years ago I purchased a set of wools and service shoes from you and roughly 50 events later they are holding up great. Thanks for providing a great product.

Thank you very much

Bill Stratton

Now I got to tell someone this, sorry, to the risk of steal Your time & being redundant, but it's several days since I'm more and more amazed about the Outstanding Quality of Your USMC P44 HBT Trousers.  I always liked them, since I saw 'em in collectors' pictures & now You will think I'm pretty weird since I use $ 100 trousers for work, but I do it -because I like to see things at work. So it's nearly an year through that I bring them trousers in the woods, through the thorns & in the mud, kneeling in rocky & difficult terrain, working intensively of chainsaw, and… when I drive home, I look down & see pants Practically New. I never tried something slightly similar to that. I regularly use german army utilities for work: easy to find, comfortable & perfectly suited, but.. believe me, after One Single Day of work boy they're heavily battered. Forget what I told You some time ago about HBT comparisons, I've got a sturdy authentic HBT jacket & it's though, but them trousers.. They Haven't got A Stain, with chainsaw constantly dribbling oil everywhere!!! I don't know how to tell it, but I'm really astonished, if I'd take a picture & show it to You, You'd see a New Pair of Trousers: they are working harsh since nearly One Year!

I can't guess if real P44 lasted this way, but You've done a hell of reproduction, I can guarantee.

With my huge compliments & best regards,




I just wrote to inform You that I successfully received, about a week ago, the said order with complete, huge satisfaction. I know the quality of current products by the leading repro retailers (You know, there are three of them -though I keep in a certain consideration a fourth one from Singapore) in matter of US GI Wool Shirts is positively high, but I had still to try out the WWIIimp specimen, which I expected to be excellent & yet I was pretty curious about it. I am extremely satisfied with Your EM CC Wool Shirt, no counter-argument at all. I do have an original one, very same size, a bit shrinked of course; I'm ready to bet that the common GI never had the luck to wear such a comfortable garnment as the one You offer. With the benefit of hindsight, I can say that I didn't expect me less -but I've got more. Not an exaggerate price, I'd say, for this level of quality.

The 101st/82nd Cargo Pockets are simply outstanding, in a few words you can't simply tell them from originals & the quality is the highest affordable.

Same for the Khaki Drawers, which quality I had yet had way to verify.

My warmest congratulations for the excellent work, my very best regards & best wishes for Your business,

La Spezia - Italy

Hi Juan,

I just received my US Navy dungaree and A3 baseball cap, it's amazing nice quality. Fast shipping to France.  I do plan on shopping again. 

Best regards and many thanks.

Jean Pierre

Hello Jonathan

I Just received my Tanker Jacket and I just wanted to let you know that I am happy with it and I do plan on keeping it. Also I do plan on shopping here again.

Thanks Again ..

Hi Juan,

...Your sweater is a terrific piece of clothing.

...I am going to make this sweater my mainstay for New Jersey winter dog walking and outdoor work, both of which I do a lot of.  All the while I can be reminded of what my dad and a generation of common men achieved by fighting together.

Thank you for making your clothing in the U.S. and for making it so evidently well.  It is, in my estimation, worth beyond what you charge for it.  Consider me a customer for life.

Best Regards,
Rene Demuynck

Hi Juan,

...I've remained greatly satisfied by the USMC P44 trousers I had previously bought from You and I'm looking forward to buy another pair, which I will surely do in the future.

My truly appreciation also goes to the highest degree quality of Your webbing gear. The greatest satisfaction goes to Your HBT clothing too. very best regards & best wishes for Your business,

Lazzaro Ricciardi
La Spezia - Italy

Hi Jonathan

Just wanted you to know that the uniform (Navy Whites) arrived today. Thank you! It is a sharp uniform, let them know there they do a nice job.


Hi Juan,

My sweater arrived yesterday - got caught by UK Customs (which I expected).
I had been wondering for the last few weeks if I had done the right thing paying so much for a sweater especially with international shipping and (expected) customs charges,
but all the expense was totally forgotten when I opened the parcel - wow!  Just the feel of the fabric between my fingers, the weight and the smell - I knew I had made the right decision before I even unfolded it.  I admired it for a while like a child with a new toy, turning it round, stretching it, then finally put it on, perfect fit.  This is going to be one of the best purchases I have ever made with years of wear and good looks ahead.
Congratulations on producing this awesome sweater and I am pleased to be one of the first people to own one.

Best regards
Robert (Bob) Wimpenny
England UK

Hi Juan,

Wow, I just received my order today and the items are amazing!  Only the sleeves on the shirt are too short but that's no surprise since i have the arm length of a Yeti... very impressed with the quality etc!!  you guys will be getting a lot of my future business!

Randy Brock

Hi Juan,

I ordered a jeep cap from you and have to say that the quality is simply off-the charts. Thanks.

Mike Knight


...I'd also like to take this opportunity to commend you on the fine quality of your uniform items. Direct comparison with some authentic WWII uniform items revealed no noticeable differences. I look forward to doing more business with your company in the future.

Jonathan Glasscock
VMI '06


This is my third purchase with your company because your quality simply cannot not be beaten; your competitors prices might be cheaper, but so is their quality. I always recommend your company to other members of the Battleship North Carolina's Living History Crew that need top-quality authentic replica uniforms; keep up the good work. By the way, I'm glad to see you're carrying the Navy dress blue uniform, if I can't get my original WWII dress blues altered to fit me better we'll be doing business on a set real soon, and I’ll definitely pass the word to the rest of BB-55's LHC members you now have them. THANKS!

Marc Clark



I wanted you to know the shirts I ordered arrived yesterday and fit perfectly, and of course, are made with superior quality I knew they would be. Take care, and thanks to you and your staff for putting forth the extra effort toward delivering superior products and customer service, it is greatly appreciated.

Marc Clark

There is no competition as good as WWII Impressions!

William Salitrik

Juan -

I would like to thank you a lot for selling me webbing. I have emailed other vendors, but they have either turned me down or never emailed back. You guys really value the costumer, and we really appreciate that. Next time I order some field gear, it will most likely be from you.

Joshua DeJong

Juan -

First of all, I wanted to let you know that I received my set (paramarine utilities) today (Sat.), so thank you!

Second of all, of course, I LOVE them - incredible reproductions, maybe the best ever done!



Bill Kapsalis

Hello WW2 impressions,

Fantastic quality! I received my order yesterday. I love the items that I purchased. I love the fit and feel of this shirt so much that I would wear it normally.

Thanks Juan and Sylvia!

Mark Tanner


The Type I service shoes/boots I ordered are awesome. The quality and craftsmanship are A1! I hope I can spread the word to some of my friends about your business. Do you currently have a Facebook fan page?



Yesterday, on Wednesday January 5, 2011 the order (M1941 HBT trousers and
M43 buttons) came safely.
The HBTs are GREAT!!!
Thank you very much for all.

King Regards,


Ok, so I made my first purchase from Juan at WWII Imp.  I've been in the market for a set of pinks, and when I saw that Juan had my size on closeout, I made the leap.  Shipping was faster than expected, even now during the holiday rush.  I was able to get a hold of him by phone easily to check my status.  The uniforms are SPOT ON and match my original OS cap perfectly. They even fit me well out of the box. (Only need the pants hemmed an inch or so)  My only issue was the lack of a picture of the item. This delayed my decision to buy for quite a while. I also really wanted to get a tie, but they're out. Overall, A+. I am very impressed and Juan, you've gained a customer.

(I might have to save up a bit first though!! Poor 21 y/o reenactor!)

Zachary Holloman


I purchased a m41 USMC haversack and a m1928 USMC cartridge belt from Juan and as a part of the Christmas sale got a Thompson ammo pouch. I am really impressed, can't wait to use it. Thanks much!!


I ordered one of these AAF A3 caps several months ago for my ground crew impression. A WWII ground crew vet fell in love with it and I made a Christmas present of it to him. He said its exactly like the ones he had it war.

Robert Devers

Just wanted to let you know I just received my m1928 pack today and I am very pleased. I really appreciate the quick shipping and ease of ordering on the site. This is a quality product that I can picture being issued to the boys back in the war! You have gained a customer in me and as a rookie reenactor I appreciate a good product that will last, thanks again!

Joey Dabrowski

Ok, so I made my first purchase from Juan at WWII Imp.

I've been in the market for a set of pinks, and when I saw that Juan had my size on closeout, I made the leap.  Shipping was faster than expected, even now during the holiday rush.  I was able to get a hold of him by phone easily to check my status.  The uniforms are SPOT ON and match my original OS cap perfectly. They even fit me well out of the box. (Only need the pants hemmed an inch or so)  My only issue was the lack of a picture of the item. This delayed my decision to buy for quite a while. I also really wanted to get a tie, but they're out. Overall, A+. I am very impressed and Juan, you've gained a customer.   (I might have to save up a bit first though!! Poor 21 y/o reenactor!)

Zachary Holloman


I just wanted to email you that the boots came, they are superb it all ways. thank you for the speedy shipping.

John Mulrooney


Though a bit late, wanted to let you know that your 28' pack was a hit. The guys are all very impressed. Unfortunately, right now, this hobby has an issue with leg infantry in that there are only two good repros available--your 28' and Schipper's 1910, and as you know, as a D-Day unit (that we are) any more than one 1910 in a group of 20 guys would be silly. So, that being said, the guys willing to pony up and use a good repro will be coming your way, I believe one guy ordered one last week and another one will follow shortly thereafter!! We've ruled the ATF repros right away, they aren't even theirs. The import stuff is getting cheaper and cheaper and the quality, especially the canvas' color-fastness, is non-existent.

Anyway, just a little "puke" of info to you! But if you get any orders for any more 28' packs from W/CNY, you'll know why!

Like I said, the Schipperfabrik 1910s are superb, but somewhat impractical for most impressions. But the ATF haversacks are just Sturm re-imports, and that's not slander---its just true. They upgrade the hardware, which is nice, but the canvas is FAR too light in weight and comes in a slightly off-putting yellowish shade. After about one heavy campaign season they are highlighter yellow and nearly white!!


Initial message:
I've had it with the Pakistani made leggings and haversack I've been using. The bayonet won't stay in the eyelets on the haversack, and the keeper for the strap that goes under the boot bent on my right legging at an event. Fortunately it didn't break, but it began rusting over night! The shelter halves I ordered from your 4th of July sale seem to be top notch.

Subsequent message:
If I may add to my comments in anticipation of receiving the WWII Imp. made leggings and haversack. After receiving, handling, and trying on the items, I am most pleased. I'll start with the leggings as there is less to them and I own several sets of originals. The fit at the boot is snug, as are the originals. The "economy" versions I had were loose and looked terrible. The material is a match for the original, a lighter, coarse canvas. The cheap ones were yellowish and soft (much less durable). The hardware matches the originals and feels very durable. The cheap pair was simple, stamped, thin metal (aluminum maybe?) and bent easily. Hands down, worth the money, they look and feel great and I think they could go through a war or two.

The haversack is pretty much the same story. I don't have an original to compare it to, but there are several things that stand out when compared to the cheap foreign made version. First, your meat can pouch is the right size. My mess kit actually fits without being forced. The cheap one didn't have room for the utensils with the flap closed. Second, you have the correct number of grommets for the bayonet. I know two shouldn't be a hard number to match, but the cheap pack had three, three! Why?? They weren't spaced correctly and the bayonet tended to flop out and fall off. Oh, and the loop was way too low for the short bayonet. Yours holds both my 10 and 16 inch bayonets securely to the side of the pack like it should. The material is the same as the leggings, coarser and a better color, its similar to all of the original and quality repro web gear that I have. All in all I'm very happy with both items. I'm also very pleased to have a nice, new pack carrier that looks like it was issued with the pack.

I will most definitely be shopping WWII Impressions again and again. I had previously purchased an Army and USMC shelter half from you, and they're equally wonderful. I know you don't need to be told that your products are top rate, as you run the business, but I feel that its always nice to hear positive feedback, and in today's society, too often the only feedback take the time to leave is the negative. I've heard from online message boards that you show up at events and seem to genuinely take pride in your company and its products. This is very promising and worth encouragement. Please keep up the great work and keep it all made here in the U.S. just like the originals!

Thanks again!
Joe Coppens

"I'm so glad you have these back in stock. I have actually just sold my What Price Glory USMC shelter halves to make room for these two. Your USMC gear is the BEST!!! I am hoping to get these by 8/14 for a display event. Thanks Again!!!

Eric W. K.


Just received my cap this morning - excellent.
I think the best compliment that I can pay is that it is identical to my original cap in every detail. I look forwards to using WW2 Impressions again as the service and quality of goods are both excellent.

Matt Price
C Co. 1/327th GIR, 101st Abn. Div Living History Group, UK

Hello Juan;

Received my ww11 Marine Corps helmet cover. I'm very happy with it, a top quality, well made, great item..

Thanks again
John Doyle

I wore that shirt I ordered from you for the first time on Veteran's Day and again yesterday at the Cradle of Aviation Museum, where I work. I received the highest of complements from not only the museum's administration staff, but from my fellow docents who served in the AAF in WWII. They couldn't get over it. They thought I was wearing the real thing, in other words a 60 year old shirt. The shirt is very comfortable and I can see why Army officers loved it. I received complements from visitors as well and getting a "thumbs up" from other WWII vets really makes it all worth while.

Thanks again for making such a quality product.

Bill Barto

I received my order the other day and the suit looks fantastic. I'm really impressed with the new material, it feels more durable than the previous one, and the new zipper's are great as well. I do like the reinforcements on the previous run better though, the canvas was heavier and the new canvas is kinda used looking. I'm still trying to get used to the green, but overall good job.

Thank you for all of your help, I must say your customer relations are top


Thanks for getting back to me so soon.  I went to the Post Office and it was there for me.  I am very pleased with the officer's chocolate shirt. I will always do business with you.  You are definitely the BEST for reproductions.  I have been spreading the word about your products.

Thanks and best wishes!

Mr. Gonzales,

I just received my order and I wanted to thank you for the high quality of the merchandise. More importantly, I want to express my appreciation for the professional courtesy shown by your organization in my phone conversations and emails. Everyone I spoke with was patient, and went the extra distance to accommodate me. You are miles ahead of that fellow in Kentucky...he will never last against this old fashioned type of customer service.


Steve Shackleford
Milton, Indiana

Just wanted to say your products are of the highest quality.  The M-42's are outstanding.  Looking forward to doing business in the future.  Thanks!!!!

Keith Patenaude
Northampton, MA
B/307th AEB recreated
I just received my order when I returned home from Ft. Polk La. (JRTC) I am VERY impressed. your product is very well made and looks AWESOME.
Thank you very much.

Bert Puckett
1SG A co 3/504 PIR
82nd ABN Div., Ft. Bragg.

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing today to express my sincere gratitude to Juan Gonzalez and the
WW2 Impressions Staff for their superior products and service.  My recent
order was handled as if it were their most important business, delivered on
time and to top it off, the shipping costs came in at less than estimated!

The '42 Rigger Modified "Overlord" jumpsuit is simply fabulous. The color,
and fabric are exact and the suit 'weathers' beautifully. The Corcoran Jump
boots fit perfectly.

I heartily recommend to reenactors, collectors and military history
enthusiasts everywhere to consider the museum quality products and world
class service of WW2 Impressions when making their next purchase.

With appreciation for your commitment to excellence as together we honor
those who literally 'saved the world.'

Tom Clegg
Des Moines, Iowa
Hello Juan and Staff,

just want to say how awesome your new run of m42 paratrooper uniform and your m-43 paratrooper pant's they are dead on. I sure can't wait to order more thing's from you. Keep up the great work.

Mike Kuhn
506th easy co.
101st. airborne

WWII Impressions, I recently received my OverLord M42 outfit...Wow! I am impressed. I compared it to an original and needless to say it is very hard to tell the difference, even right down to the label in the bottom right pocket. Great job and Thank you!

Kenton Falerios
Airborne & Special Operations Museum volunteer.


        I rcvd the ankle boots yesterday.....I am quite satisfied.....THANK was worth the wait.  .... thank you for standing by with follow-up service to your customers

mark chun
Dear World War 2 Impressions,

Last week I received my Quartermasters coat. I am pleased with it to say the least. Having not seen it in the flesh I wasn't quite sure what to expect but on receiving my order it was far better quality than I had imagined. I looked at several sights on the internet that sell reproduction uniforms but yours was far better quality than any of the others. I also noticed you are mentioned on the 101st Airborne web site "Trigger Time" in the uniform section commenting on how you're paratrooper jackets are as good as the originals. Overall, I am very pleased with my purchase and have bought the coat as an every day garment, not just as a collectable.

Kind regards,
Mat Tonks

Received the paratrooper jacket today . It is AWESOME!! As promised I found the 48 star flag and 101st screamin' eagle . Everything has more than met my expectations .

Dr. William Christensen

WW2Impressions, es la mejor Web,para todos los que amamos la gran gesta que hicieron posible los hombres que combatieron en la WWII.

Ramon Farre, Spain.

Just received the russett boots I ordered some months ago. The wait seemed like forever, but now that the boots are in hand, I have to apologize for my impatience. The quality of the boots could not be better and the attention to detail is perfection itself! I seriously doubt that a finer pair of WW2 era repro boots can be found anywhere, for any price.

I have no idea who your competition is, and quite frankly, if you have any competition, it is my opinion that they won't be for long.

You know, as re-enactors, we hear all kinds of stuff about everybody out there who sells us repro stuff. If my note can help you spread the word about the quality of your stuff, have at it with my blessings. I assure you, that if I hear anything negative about your stuff, I'll be the first to defend WWII Impressions. You may also rest assured that when I come across a compnay like yours, I will do everything I can to get my compadres to buy from you.

Look for my next order soon.

Thanks again,
Jeff Dissell
MVPA, 1st Fl. Chapter
Gainesville, FL

My order of the chocolate brown gabardine shirt and cap arrived today. I must say the quality of workmanship is beyond reproach. A truly outstanding product.

Thank you.
Bill Barto
Hi  Sylvia & WW II Impressions Staff:

I had ordered my Boots, Combat Service,  Shoes, Service Reverse, and Shoes, Service Russet back in November and December of 2001.  After a wait of nine months,  with only a promise of future delivery, it would have been easy to have become discouraged and cancel the order. 

I stuck with you over the long haul based upon nothing more than your promise and my satisfaction with the quality of your products and your service in my several previous purchases.  All three pair of my boots and shoes were delivered this afternoon. To say that I am delighted with them is not enough. The quality in materials, workmanship, fit and authentic pattern was well worth the long wait. I could not have asked for nor expected a more superior product in all aspects. Thanks to all of you at WW 2 Impressions for providing such high quality, authentic products for the historic re-enactor.

1st Lt. Phillip Owens
A Co. 105th Engineer Combat Bn.
30th Infantry Division 
WW 2 Historic Re-enactment Society

Dear WWII Impressions:

Thanks once again for the excellent quality merchandise. I've been completely satisfied with items I've received so far, from head to toe. I'm really pleased to see that you're now offering the M1 (rifle) carrying cases in both regular Army and Paratrooper styles! I've ordered two of the cases to carry and protect my authentic (and functioning!) 1942 and 1943 Springfield Armory M1s that I take to the shooting range from time to time. I know when I receive them, I'll be very happy with the workmanship. I look forward to receiving them!

Best Regards -
Dave Tremper
New York

 Yes, my purchase was directly related to the level of customer service that you personally, and your company demonstrated. I could not have asked for more from anyone if I was trying to decide between products.  I posted on the board exactly what I saw with my own eyes, and that was that your fabric samples were identical to a set of original HBTs. I did this in the hopes that other reenactors wishing to purchase as exact a reproduction as they can possibly get will patronize your business. My sincere thanks for taking a personal interest in the satisfaction of your customers, a trait that is sorely lacking in some areas of today's marketplace.

 Charles Richmond

Just quick note to tell you that as a U.S. WW2 militaria collector for many years, I was very impressed with the quality of the items I was able to view personally at your new warehouse showroom.  The quality of the materials, stitching, dye colors and variety of items was very impressive. I recently purchased an Army HBT short-billed cap that was nearly identical to one that I got from a marine vet.  Nicely done and good luck!

You guys kick butt with your quality repro items!  Keep up the great work!

Sean Prizeman
Wheaton, IL

I know of no other place I can obtain the quality of uniform that you have to offer. I am a stickler for detail as a result of having been a re-enactor during the Bicentennial in Philadelphia during the 1970's. During the 1960's I was a commissioned officer in the Quartermaster Corps, so I also know something about uniforms. The WWII officer "chocolate" dress shirt and pinks trousers I ordered are great! The next best thing to wearing the real thing. You are my source for any future needs. Thanks also for the service, and constant updates.

Sincerely, Charlie Fass

I have dealt with every other major vendor and by far your service, communication and speed of shipment are far superior than your competition. Your EM products relative to quality materials, color, construction and how they hold up in the field  are the best.  Keep up the good work. I for one have purchased numerous GI EM items from WW II Impressions. Every item I have purchased has been of the highest quality. I have never had any problems with colors fading, shrinkage or fit. Juan and his staff have been extremely professional and very accommodating. When I have a question it has been handled to my satisfaction. I have purchased other items from other vendors and quite frankly would rate WWII Impressions far above the other vendors. I do not believe the other vendors provide the level of service, the quality of product is not up to WW II and as far as shipping and price I have found WW II to be above average. I would and have recommended WW II to my unit and other individuals. You cannot go wrong with WW II Impressions.

Mike Capodarco

Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for the prompt attention to my pervious orders.  All enquiry e-mails to WW11 Impressions were answered quickly and with a minimum of fuss. Dispatch of my orders was efficient and I was extremely happy with the quality of the items when they arrived. I would have no hesitation in recommending WW11 Impressions as a dealer of very high standing.

Campbell Finlay

Great stuff!

Well made and quality material. I've heard various horror stories about WW II Impressions from different reenacting groups and individuals. Well... As far as I'm concerned... They're full of (*&^. Everything I've bought from WW II Impressions has been spot on and held up exceptionally well. I've had NO trouble with color fading and spotting. My 42 Jump suit is 2001 stock and it's in great shape. Juan has good products and reasonable prices. Hey! They guy has to make money, that's the American way and Juan makes his the old fashion way, he earns it with outstanding merchandise and service.
Keep up the good work.

RICH LT. Cranwell
Easy 502nd PIR 101st. ABN
Living History Association

I recently ordered the Quartermaster Jump Jacket and I can only say, this is
fine quality. I have spoken with veterans who have told me what a great
reproduction it is. Well, worth the price, and will definitely do business
with these folks again.

Randy Caughell
New York, USA
Juan, I just received my Roughout Boots. I am very impressed with the quality and fit. I applied the Dubbing today also and they look just like the "real" pair I have in the closet. Congratulations on a great MADE IN AMERICA boot. My Uniforms are all from your company as well. You will get my repeat business.

Brian Ogstad 117th Inf Regt, 30th Inf Div (HRS)

Juan-I was at the the reunion of the FSSF last week doing a display for the veterans and I got a first hand look at the new mountain pants you have produced. As I was wearing an original set, it was easy to make comparisons with the reproduction pants worn by some of our group. Other than the fact that the new ones are "new", you have done a magnificent job of reproducing these pants. The buttons, fabric and workmanship are identical to the originals. I will recommend that anyone in our group that has not already placed an order with you should do so if they are looking for a good pair of pants.

John Dallimore, FSSF Living History Group

Lt. Juan,

I received shortly after my reply back to your response.  They fit
absolutely GREAT!!!! I love em!  Can't wait to get them dirty at Fort Custer
in Battle Creek Mich this weekend!

Satisfied customer!
PFC Andrew Peitsch/1st InfDiv/16th InfReg/K Company
thanks for your patience with my calls! the officer's field shirt and jeep cap arrived today. i cannot imagine a better, more accurate looking knit cap out there! it fits great, feels great. thank you for producing such a fine piece. the officer's shirt is a terrific fit and great weight and look! thank you for the buttons as well. i wore the jeep cap all evening (even though it was rather warm). i'm ready for winter and fall now!
thanks again,
Bill Search


I received the USMC Camo Jacket, USMC Shelter Half and the new M41 Field
Jacket and  they're all superb!

Your new Field Jacket OD is by far the best reproduction out there! And the
USMC items are perfect.

Many thanks for also shipping them to me before the weekend. I deeply
appreciate it! (I can now show off the items at the upcoming Pacific War
event in Paris, IL.)

In the past couple of years I've purchased from you a couple of Jump Suits,
a Tanker Jacket, Boots, Dungarees and now these items and you've always
delivered a very high quality of items.

As  always, thanks! ...Then again, your USMC Cammies are perfect. I saw at least 6 Marine
reenactors, including me, wearing them at the event.

Keep up the great work and I'm looking forward to the Tanker Jacket.

Chris Mantas
Morton Grove, IL.

    The Marine HBT material arrived yesterday.  Thanks a bunch for helping me obtain this!  I am very impressed with the quality and was surprised to find out how heavy the material actually is.  I showed it to my Japanese mother-in-law who remembers very well when the Marines arrived for Occupation duty in Sasebo, Japan in late September 1945.  She was also very impressed with the material. Thanks also for enclosing your latest catalog.  I will definitely place a few orders for some of your fine items in the near future.  You can now count me as a new customer!
Thanks again,

Phil Eakins
Hi Juan,
I just wanted to let you know that I recently received a M41 USMC Assault
pack and camo shelter half.  They are outstanding.  The quality of material
an construction are second to none, excellent job!!

Thanks again,
Tim Hodge

Just a fast note to thank you for the quick turn-around on my order. The horse hide gloves, compass pouch, e-tool carrier, canteen cover and riggers pouches I received were top of the line. This is my third order with you and I've never been disappointed with your equipment and uniforms.  Keep doing what your doing, your the best out there. 

Thanks again
Frank Walizer

Dear Juan,
I am a immensely satisfied customer, I have ordered two USMC shelter halves, Two USMC camo covers {hats], two USMC covers OD, two m41 blouses two m41 trousers, and a complete USMC camo ensemble all of these products are incredible, I take them out of the closet just to look at them. {when I am not wearing them}. I was the guy who sent you an email last fall about how great it was that you were doing so well, keep it up YOU are the best of the best!!

Jonathan M Caruso

Not that you need my approval...but I just received my first set of USMC
camo fatigues.
I WILL be ordering more...thanks for the first rate job!
Clint Smith
Mountain Home, Texas
USMC 67-70
Combined Action Platoons

Uniform arrived today in great shape.  The fit is perfect.  I would like to thank you and your staff for their courtesy in my dealings with them.  I will be ordering more gear from you in the near future.  I wished I had ordered from you in the first place.  The only reason I did not was because XXXXXXXXX includes a fatigue cap with their uniforms.  I will be in touch.  By the way I never got the uniform from XXXXXXXXX.  


Just a quick thank you for the wool shirt that I ordered. It was very good quality and looks like an original that i have . It is a pleasure to deal with a company that the product is as good as advertised.

Dave DeHart

I received my latest order as well as the exchanged goods (I had changed sizes). I am very pleased with the great service you provide, and delighted with the superior quality of your WW2 military reproduction clothing. I will certainly be ordering more items in the near future. 
Best regards,
John Gebhard
Woodbury, NJ 08096-2755
I just wanted to share with you guys how great WWII Impressions was in making sure my stuff made it here in time for the Gap, I placed my order's in yesterday and had both orders at my door this afternoon. They gave me great customer service and did everything they could to make sure I had what I needed for my first outing at the Gap.
Dave Dalessandro

Just wanted to say thanks for the M42 reinforced suit I received a few weeks
ago. This is the second suit I've ordered from World War Two Impressions in
as many years, and I think the quality is unsurpassed!!
Chris Burton
Alexandria, VA
Dear Mr. Gonzalez,

I received my first order via UPS from your company on Christmas Eve. I want you to know that I found the Winter Combat Jacket to be absolutely superb!  The other items, which included the Knit Wool Cap, HBT Fatigue Cap, and CBI patches, were equally top quality. I am preparing an additional order which I will be forwarding to your company.

Be assured I will make known my complete satisfaction with your products and service to my colleagues at my forthcoming MVPA South Jersey Chapter meeting. I will be very well outfitted when I am driving my '42 GPW Jeep when its restoration is completed in the next few weeks!

Best regards,

John (Jack) Gebhard
Woodbury, NJ
Just got my Christmas gift from my wife and boy was I surprised.  I have always wanted the Paratrooper Jacket (like the one's in Band of Brothers).  It is a magnificent effort on your part.  The material, the feel, the buttons, and the smell are as about as authentic as you can get.  I can't wait to wear this back to work and show this  beautiful jacket off.

Robert Pearce
Oklahoma City,  OK
Mr. Gonzalez,

   I just wanted to say that I ordered your Quartermaster set and I
have never been more pleased with a WWII reproduction. It is excellent
quality. The weave and weight are excellent. Please continue making
these beautiful uniforms! Your prices are excellent and your quality
is beyond description! Thank you again for making such wonderful

Kevin Doyle
 I just thought I'd write a few lines about the service World War Two Impressions has offered me to date. Living in the UK I have been plagued by excessive import charges in the past and this led to me having to return items for a promissory note for the future. Circumstance rather than choice have made me a difficult customer but the courtesy that Juan has showed me has been unconditional and unwavering throughout. Add this to the high quality and consistent improvement of the product range and you have a winning combination that assures continued business. Thanks Juan.

Tim Parker.
Airborne command/ 507th PIR living historian.

Mr. Gonzalez,
I wish to thank you and your wife for accommodating me today!
Every good recommendation I have heard about you in the past is well

Ken Shigemitsu

I received my WW 2 Paratrooper uniform and was very happy.  It is everything I thought it would be.  A little side note.  Before I knew of your company's existence, I visited China and spent several days in Hong Kong.  I had taken with me several photographs and drawings of the uniform.  Their quote for making the uniform was $350 with no guarantee of when it could be delivered. I'm glad I waited as yours is authentic and much superior .

Many thanks

Airborne!  All The Way

Tom Parsons
Juan and Sylvia,

Just wanted to let you know that my HBT's came today, and I'm very, very pleased with them. Thanks for all your help. I'm looking forward to getting my wools, as I'm sure I'll be pleased with them also. Your reputation is certainly deserved! Thanks again !

Tom News
Satisfied Customer

  I just wanted to pass on a little note to say thanks.  I was in your store yesterday and was able to say "hi" to you and your wife while at the same time purchase an M-41 jacket.  I was so impressed with your inventory.  I love my new jacket and look forward to doing business with you again.  I will highly recommend your business to anyone just getting involved in reenacting (such as myself).  Now, if I can just come up with another couple of thousand dollars to spend.

  Kyle Clark
I just wanted to follow up with an email to say how satisfied I have been with my tanker jacket I recently purchased from you.  I have met some people who know little or nothing about W.W.II clothing items, but have responded how impressed they were with the fine quality of the reproduction tanker jacket I bought from W.W.II Impressions. The overall look and fit is excellent, so much so that I wear my tanker jacket as an everyday casual jacket (and got some great use out of recently in snowy Canada). I am part of a W.W.II reenactment group near the Memphis, Tennessee area, and I will have to say that I intend to be a loyal customer of W.W.II Impressions in the future.

Andrew Earwood
W H O A !!  Got my Jacket, Field OD Shade 3, M1941 back from you with P1936
USMC emblem on it and I have not been able to take it off!!  Have modeled it
for several people; am wearing it at work.  People are expressing interest
in getting one so I have printed order forms off of your web site to hand
out as they comment.....thanks for pressing it as well - really looks
sharp!!  AM very happy with it.

Stewart Rayfield
Hey Juan...

I got the USGI overseas officer's cap...  That's a really nice looking piece of work!  Also liked your new catalogue and it's "period" format...

~S. Chris Kelly
Lynchburg, Virginia
Hi -

You have well layed out site with superb looking uniforms/accessories!  I look forward to purchasing items sometime down the road.  I'm hoping to join a WWII re-enactor group and your company definitely has the goods to make the image right - at a less than horrific price.  :-)

Keep up the great work.

Thanks -

Dave Tremper
Dear Sir or Madame,

thank you for your outstanding and prompt service. I had ordered a pair of rough out service shoes for my son on Monday afternoon and they arrived today at 4:30 pm. The boots look great and the size is perfect.  You have my business in the future, thanks once again.

sincerly, Joseph Nilo
Dear Sirs,

I received my order for the two pair of boots, both Russet Brown and Roughout.  I could not be more pleased.  These are absolutely the best I have seen outside of originals, which I refuse to wear.  I hope all of your products are this authentic I plan to be doing more business with you in the near future.


Vaughn Yeager
U. S. 3rd I. D. reenactor
 Birmingham AL
Juan and company,
Just a quick note to say how much I am pleased with the USMC camo fatigue set.  It is astounding!  The quality is super and comparing it to pics in the Moran book, there are indistinguishable from the originals!  They are great!  I would recommend them to any and all WW2 USMC reenactors/living historians.
Semper Fi!

Cpl. Shane Hardaway
4th Marine Division reenactors
To Juan and the rest of the crew

I just wanted to take a few seconds to tell you all How very impressed I was by
the level of customer service I received and all the assistance in creating my
Paratrooper impression.   For anyone reading this letter after the fact; Juan
was very gracious throughout the ordering process and was very helpful in giving
me resources for research.

The uniform was a huge Hit at the 3rd Annual John C. Garand Match at Camp Perry
for the National Rifle competitions.   I wore the uniform all day long along
with my M1A1 carbine and gear.  Many questions were put to me about the life of
Paratroops at Normandy and I was able to improve my score form last year's

Many people stopped me for pictures and a few took down your contact information
with the intent to order uniforms for themselves.  Pictures will follow as soon
as I get them developed and scanned.

thanks again.  /:-)

Jim Saltzburg

I wanted to drop you a note and thank you for your excellent, and speedy service. I received the "type 2 service boots" you had sent in exchange for the "rough-outs" I had received in error.  Thanks again!  The boots, by the way, are EXCELLENT!

Best regards,
Jeff Dvorak Orland Park, IL  60462

Received my roughouts and my M41 today. Excellent jacket, awesome reproduction!

Thanks Again,
Jacob Curtis


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