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Among our satisfied customers, exist those who come from backgrounds in the historical commemorative,  academic, and professional communities.   When they come forward to express their satisfaction and references we hold their testimonials in honorable distinction.  Here are what some of them have to say about our products and services.

Other such distinguished clients who wish to share their experiences 
may send us an email. 


The 10th Mountain Division and Fort Drum Museum has been using your uniforms since you first came into business. Through the various years and various displays and functions your uniforms have held up to the test of time for construction and quality, as well as authenticity.

Climb to Glory!

Brian Crawford
Fort Drum/10th MNT
Museum Fort Drum NY


I always got a kick out of the line you had in the (USMC) utility uniform section (of your web site) saying the new museum could hardly tell the difference. I am not sure who told you that (comments from staff of the old USMC Air/Ground Museum), but it was partly why I personally bought a uniform from you when I was hired on. I wanted to test it... and they are damn good. I have worn my 1941 utility coat everywhere from Key West, modern Marine exercises at Camp Pendleton, to the caves of Okinawa. It's great.

Definitely please feel free to say the Utilities are featured on our cast figure displays. While the new exhibits we are working on, (particularly the addition of three Montford Point Marine cast figures in Utilities and your boots) also feature your stuff (from my work). The field jackets are well made and worthy of a cast figure also.

Thanks again for everything. I'm sure we will need your help again for something sooner than later!

Owen L. Conner
Curator, Uniforms & Heraldry
National Museum of the Marine Corps


For FURY, we fitted our hero characters with the following WWII Impressions, INC uniforms: Tanker jackets and pants, HBT Caps, fatigues and one-pc suits, M41 Jackets, M43 Caps Field jackets and trousers, OD Wool shirts and trousers, OD Undergarments, Horsehide Gloves, canvas leggings, and footwear. These uniforms held up outstandingly well during the course of filming. The accuracy of WWII Impressions uniforms stood out among similar products supplied by other replicators as attested by our military advisors and technicians. These uniforms were well worth the investment. We would highly recommend WWII Impressions, Inc products for any film production and we look forward to working with them again in the near future.

Daryl Bristow
Costume Supervisor


Dear Juan,

No matter how hard a project is, and "Windtalkers" was certainly a monumental project, one can always look at it fondly after time has passed forgetting just how difficult the task was. I'm very proud of our work on the film. All of the research and painstaking work to reproduce the props required in the time allotted and with the budget required is something that is a source of satisfaction of a job well done. Thank you for you and your company's work that helped make the film a success.

Yours truly,
Don Miloyevich
Property Master/"Windtalkers"


Our first purchase with WWII Impressions was an M1934 tent which we use for our Traveling Heroes Exhibit. We have had this tent for 5 years and it has held up great providing an authentic setting for our displays. Living history is a vital part of this exhibit, and while we strive to use originals when feasible, reproductions are necessary to fill voids. I know I can rely on WWII Impressions to supply well made copies of uniforms and gear to complement our authentic displays. It is a great service to our visitors when our impressions and displays are spot on. We are certainly doing no one a favor by striving to look just good enough. Thanks to WWII Impressions even the most seasoned veterans need to take a second look and that says a lot. There's an old saying that goes, "you get what you pay for." I can say with 100% confidence we've been satisfied with the products offered by WWII Impressions as well as with the great customer service.

Brian D. Homan
Central Florida WW2 Museum / Executive Office
4212 S. Manhattan Ave.
Tampa, FL 33611-1302


I have been dealing with WWII Impressions for the past 16 years in making adjustments to our story-line and loaner equipment. The museum has numerous displays and dioramas depicting WWII uniforms. We also offer to the active duty soldiers, reproduction-loaner uniforms for Change of Command, Change of Responsibility, Army’s Birthday etc. and we are grateful for the quality in workmanship from head-to-toe they look outstanding. You are very prompt in delivery and the staff insures a clear understanding of our needs to include clarification of items that may be “thought” was utilized and may not have been. Very important to those of us that authenticity is a must. We of the NTC & 11th ACR Museum, Fort Irwin, CA, salute you and your staff for your service to our active duty soldiers, Vets and civilians.

Museum Director
Your history, then and now.
NTC & 11th ACR Museum
P.O. Box 105029
Building 222, 1st Street
Fort Irwin, CA 92310-5029


I have ordered from WWII Impressions, Inc for shows at the National WW2 Museum’s Stage Door Canteen in New Orleans. They always provide historically correct products in a timely fashion. I highly recommend them.

Victoria Reed
Director of Entertainment
The National World War II Museum (AKA D-Day Museum)
945 Magazine St.
New Orleans, LA 70130
504-528-1944, ext. 267


Historic Fort Snelling (St. Paul, MN) uses many reproduction uniform and equipment items from WWII Impressions for our "living history" educational programs. The accuracy and attention to detail of these items are top notch!  We've experienced excellent communication and customer service from WWII Impressions - anytime we had a question or concern it was addressed quickly and respectfully. They are a top-rate company to work with.

Matthew Cassady
Program Specialist
Historic Fort Snelling
Minnesota Historical Society


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